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The Stains trilogy continues in 2015! Stay tuned for more details! 

Weird -- wi(ə)rd

Suggesting something supernatural; uncanny | Very strange; bizarre | Connected with fate.

Hello, Wyrd One!

Doesn’t it feel good to own your weird side? If you haven’t, you’re in the right place. This is a site all about the unexplained, the fantastic, and discovering your own unique truth. Whether you’re interested in the paranormal, or just like thinking outside the box on things in general, I want to encourage and celebrate that. It’s also a place to have fun! Geek out over pop culture, discuss your ideas and truths without judgment, or just get lost in some stories. However you choose to participate is up to you.

I’ve been searching spiritually for a long time now. I was first introduced to spiritual ideas and how they could be weaved into fiction with Christopher Pike’s Remember Me. This story of a young girl learning about the other side after waking up dead really spoke to me. So much of the story and the other two in that trilogy felt “real”. It felt honest. Since then, I have explored meditation, become a Reiki practitioner, and have just begun to play with crystals. I’ve also explored intuitive and Tarot reading. It’s been a fun journey and I’ve met so many amazing people because of it. Over the coming months and years, I’ll be continuing to write stories and geek out over my favorite stuff while also developing some workshops and videos about the topics I hold close to my heart and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Come join me on a journey into the unknown!


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